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Since 1998 BFI Computers has been building and repairing personal computers one system at a time. From off the shelf "cookie cutter" models to "built by the neighbor", if it's broke we can fix it.
Custom systems start at just under $599 and contain top industry names in hardware and software.

  • Hardware upgrades

  • Software upgrades

  • Virus and malicious software removal

  • Need to find a document or digital photo you forgot to backup?

  • Data recovery is but a phone call or email away

  • Pickup and Delivery available

Backups and complete system reloads makes your PC run like new and in most cases better than the day you bought it.
With service packs and hot fixes, new programs installed and the expiration of antivirus programs most people find that their computer runs too slow. Purchasing a new one may not be necessary.
A good cleaning, some added memory and maybe just a little tweak is all you may need.
Your investment is not too old or antiquated if it does what you want it to do. And if you can upgrade or repair it for a few dollars, it might just last a few more years.

Want free power?

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